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New California Law Prevents Employers from Imposing Non-California Forum Selection or Choice of Law Provisions upon California Employees

As part of our efforts to update employers regarding the newly-enacted statutes that will affect employers in the coming year, this post addresses a bill recently signed into by California Governor Jerry Brown that prohibits employers from requiring most employees who live and work in California to agree to a forum selection or choice of … Continue Reading

Are Higher Wages Coming To A City or County Near You? The Minimum Wage Legislation Trend As Told By California

From city to county to state, in the past three years, Californians have witnessed extensive propagation of minimum wage legislation at the local level. After staying silent for several years, the upper echelons of California’s state government eventually responded. For those who were paying attention to their legislative surroundings, the state’s reaction to the growth … Continue Reading

Barbara Hoey Comments on Pao/Kleiner Perkins Lawsuit on Bloomberg West

Labor Days co-editor Barbara Hoey was interviewed on Bloomberg Television’s Bloomberg West regarding interim Reddit CEO Ellen Pao’s gender discrimination lawsuit against her former employer, venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, LLC. Ms. Pao claimed that Kleiner Perkins paid and promoted men more than women and engaged in workplace retaliation by terminating her after she … Continue Reading

California and Massachusetts Employers—Mark Your Calendars for July 1

On July 1, employers in California and Massachusetts (with few exceptions) must begin providing paid sick leave to their employees. California and Massachusetts will be joining Connecticut, the District of Columbia, New York City, and over 15 other cities throughout the country as jurisdictions to require paid sick days. While the California and Massachusetts laws … Continue Reading

A Victory for Kleiner Perkins Should Still be a Red Flag for All Employers – “It’s All About Your Culture”

As was discussed on Fox Business News’s Willis Report, Friday’s jury’s verdict in California rejecting Ellen Pao’s claims of gender discrimination and retaliation was undoubtedly a huge victory for the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins.  However, before employers start popping champagne corks, all companies should consider the lessons learned from this case. A brief background: … Continue Reading