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NLRB’s Handbook on Handbooks

As we all know, the NLRB has been working hard in recent years to expand its reach beyond the union workforce – striving to make its decisions and guidance just as relevant to the non-union employer in an age where unions are on the decline.  Recent NLRB decisions have found employers liable for unfair labor … Continue Reading

No Such Thing as “No Harm, No Foul”?

Everybody knows that an activist National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) expects a lot of all employers nowadays, union and non-union. One of the areas under the greatest NLRB scrutiny are time-honored, well-worn policies that have existed in employee handbooks for years:  don’t disparage your employer; don’t say anything damaging about the company; don’t harm the … Continue Reading

NLRB “Deletes” Company E-Mail From an Employer’s Property Rights

If you think an employer has an absolute right to control its own email systems, think again – at least according to the National Labor Relations Board. On December 11, 2014, the NLRB declared that employees may generally use their employers’ email for union organizing purposes – and that employers who generally prohibit employees from … Continue Reading